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Simon Menner
Liverpooler Str.8
13349 Berlin

phone +49 30 700 868 05
mobile +49 179 125 06 93

Skype simonmenner
Twitter @simonmenner

Media Contact? - Click Here
× Of course I am quite flattered by the attention some of my works draw from time to time. But before you contact me, please read the following short paragraph.

If you are a representative of a big media outlet – website, TV, print – and you want to get my stuff for free: please, do not waste my time. I know, you want to tell me how much “attention” my work gets through its representation on your site. I am professional artist and I know that this kind of “attention” is much better for you than it is for me. Making art costs money. I need to pay my bills, so you might have to pay me a little bit of money for us to get together.

It might be something different, if you are interested in an interview and want to write a piece about my work - rather than have me just provide content for your site. I am not saying that I might automatically give you a lot of stuff free of charge, but if you ask some clever questions and do a nice presentation of my work, chance is quite big that I am going to like you. The more work you put into the piece, the more I am going to be motivated to give my work to you for free. That has something to do with respect and appreciation.

If you are running a small blog, website, magazine and you want to run some nice content - please feel free getting in touch with me. If I like what you are doing, I am absolutely happy to support you for free. Just ask. But again, please come up with something at least slightly original.

And no: a blog on a site owned by Rupert Murdoch or Axel Springer SE does not count as a small blog.

You are from The Blaze or Breitbart? I told you before to fuck off!

Studio Address
(map shown)
Hans-Schmidt-Str. 4
12489 Berlin-Adlershof

Studio Visit? - Click Here
× I like having visitors at my studio. To be honest, it is not in the center of Berlin and it is not very big. But still, there is quite a lot to see. Since I am not there all the time and I really hate surprise visits. It would be great to make an appointment first. And you do not need to be a collector, curator or art historian to visit me. Everyone is welcome.

Internship? - Click Here
× I think it is wonderful if you consider applying for an internship with me. Unfortunately what I am doing can be easily done by myself. Therefore I have no need for additional support. That said, I am more than happy to meet you for a coffee and to chat. And I am definitely willing to have a look at your work and tell you what I think.

Even if you are not really up for an internship, but you are a young artist and maybe you don't really know if art school is the right thing for you, I am happy to have a look at your work. I know the whole thing can be very hard and lonely. I have been through that myself. So if you want, I really would like to have a look at your work - even if it has nothing to do with photography.

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